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Clery Geography

Location, Location, Location

The Clery Act requires institutions to disclose statistics for reported Clery Act crimes that occur (1) on campus, (2) public property within or immediately adjacent to the campus, and (3) in or on noncampus buildings or property the institution owns or controls (i.e. rents, leases, or has a written agreement for use of the property). 

Definition of Terms
Term Definition
On Campus The institution's core, main campus.
Public Property The public property that immediately borders and is accessible from the campus. For CSUSM, this is the public sidewalk that borders the campus, the public street and the public sidewalk on the other side of the street.
Noncampus Noncampus properties are those that are not contiguous to the core campus but are frequently used by students for the educational purposes of the institution. Noncampus does not mean "off campus"; it refers to specific properties owned or controlled by the campus by a student organization officially recognized by the campus. Noncampus does not automatically refer to all surrounding neighborhoods of a college campus, nor does it include all properties that students happen to rent. Noncampus geography can mean student trips if it meets the criteria for Classifying Student Trips.

CSUSM Clery Geography Maps