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Clery Compliance Team

CSUSM has formed the cross-departmental Clery Compliance Team (CCT) and the Clery Statistics Reconciliation Team (CSRT) led by the Clery Director. The CCT assist the Clery Director in developing, writing, reviewing and ensuring the accuracy of the Annual Security Report, assist in the proper identification of relevant Clery Act geography, assist in programming, developing, and providing training and outreach efforts on the campus for compliance, and assist in overall compliance with the Clery Act and state student safety laws. The CCT meets at least quarterly.

The Clery Statistics Reconciliation Team assist the Clery Director in the collection of information and required crime statistics for the Annual Security Report and Campus Safety Plan.

 Clery Statistics Reconciliation Team Members



Allie Serrano

Interim Director of Residential Education

Andy Maiorano

Campus Counsel

Bridget Blanshan

Associate Vice President, Student Affairs & Title IX Coordinator

Brittani Brown

Associate Vice President, Administration & Clery Director

Candace Bebee

Compliance Coordinator

Erika Gravett

Associate Vice President, Human Resources & Payroll Services

Gail Cole-Avent

Associate Vice President, Student Life

Jason Schreiber

Dean of Students

Jennie Ruiz

Associate Dean of Students

Lamine Secka

Chief of Police

Margaret Chantung

Chief Communications Officer

Robert Carolin

Associate Dean for Global Programs and Services

Todd Snedden

Associate Director, Athletics