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Center for Leadership Innovation and Mentorship Building

Effective leadership is required to meet the challenges of a dynamic environment that is characterized by breathtaking sociological, economic, and technological change. The 21st century organization requires people at all levels to step into leadership roles and inspire and influence others to achieve a shared vision.

The Center for Leadership Innovation and Mentorship Building (CLIMB) was established in the College of Business Administration at California State University San Marcos in August 2004. CLIMB's goal is to serve the leadership development needs of the surrounding community through innovative research and collaboration with various internal and external constituencies (e.g., students, faculty in other colleges, business and community organizations).

CLIMB focuses on path-breaking leadership research and teaching innovations. The Center also serves as a catalyst for local businesses to collaborate with the expertise of the College of Business Administration and the University.

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Upcoming CLIMB Events:

Stay tuned for more information about our CLIMB Fall 2021 Leadership Seminar! In the meantime, check out our In the Executive's Chair speaker series class and other College of Business Administration Events.


Fall 2020 Speaker Schedule

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