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Speaker Seminars

The speaker seminars are designed to explore different leadership topics and how they impact organizations. Guest speakers share their views and experiences from various business, community and academic backgrounds. The seminars occur each semester and are open to the greater university and surrounding communities.

Spring 2020

Women's Leadership Symposium 

  • Saturday, Feb. 29th 8:30 AM- 3:00 PM

  • CSUSM, University Student Union

  • Description:
    Throughout the day, we seek to provide students the opportunity to learn more about their individual identities and the unique influences they have on their leadership style. Networking and team building activities will allow for students to build a positive and supportive network of diverse women who vary across professional disciplines and life experiences. With these new experiences and community, student participants will have the knowledge to challenge the limitations placed on women and will have the confidence and strength to empower others.

    Note: This event is only for currently enrolled CSUSM students.

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Previous Speakers 

Fall 2019, Knight Campbell, CEO Cairn Leadership Strategies
Fall 2018, Vicki Mealer-Burke, Chief Diversity Officer, Qualcomm
Spring 2018, Ed Jenks
Fall 2017, Bill Wilson

February 2017, Malin Burnham
A Conversation with Malin Bunrham

October 2016, Shannon Jordan, MA and Christy Cassisa, JD
Mindful Leadership

February 2016, Doug Lombardi, Martha Gilmer, Patricia Wayne, & Harvey White
Full STEAM Ahead: How Arts Education Relates to Success in Business

November 2015, Brian Smith
Entrepreneurial Leadership: Brian Smith Presents Lessons from the Trenches

March 2015, Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge
Leadership Challenges in the 21st Century: A Conversation with Ken Blanchard & Garry Ridge

November 2014, Captain Mark Cedrun
Lessons in Crisis Leadership: The Dramatic Rescue of Captain Phillips

October 2014, Shutopa Das, MS
Leading in a Multi-Generational Workplace

April 2014, Ed Fuller
You Can't Lead with Your Feet on the Desk: Building Trust, Shared Values, and Commitment in a Global Context

October 2013, Art Barter
Servant Leadership: An Answer to 21st Century Leadership Challenges?

March 2013, Panel Presentation
The Mentoring Advantage: Strengthening Organizations Through Women's Leadership

October 2012, Carl Luna, Ph.D.
Presidential Leadership

April 2012, Chris Van Gorder
Leading Change and Managing Growth

March 2011, Robert Dickman
Great Leaders as Great Storytellers: Why Stories Matter

October 2010, Anthony F. Smith, Ph.D.
The Taboos of Leadership

March 2010, Jung-Ho Pak
Leadership Lessons from the Orchestra: A Conversation with Jung-Ho Pak

November 2009, Dr. Nick Yphantides
Healthcare Leadership: What the Health is Happening to America?

October 2009, Mark King
Lessons in Leadership from the Fairway

March 2009, Holly Green
Mentoring, Networking, and Leading in These Turbulent Times

October 2008, Jeff Campbell, Dr. Jennifer Merolla and Kelly Cunningham
The 2008 Presidential Election: Leadership, Voting Behavior, & The Economy

November 2007, Jeff Campbell, Lt. Col.Kent Rideout, Col. George Reed, and Jim Tiffany
From the Battlefield to the Boardroom: Applying Military Experience to Business Leadership

April 2007, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Creating World-Class Leaders: What Got You Here Won't Get You There

March 2006, Patrick J. Kuhse
Prominence to Prison: Why Smart Leaders can Do Dumb Things

October 2005, Dr. Craig Pearce
Shared Leadership

March 2005, Marina Kotsianas and Patricia Sueltz
Women: Changing the Face of Business Leadership

October 2004, Dr. Raj Pillai and Dr. Jeff Kohles
Presidential Leadership