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Outstanding Business Leader A.J. van de Ven

A.J. van de Ven

A.J. van de Ven, CEO and Founder of Calsense, recognized as CLIMB's 2023 Outstanding Business Leader!

Each year, the Center for Leadership Innovation and Mentorship Building (CLIMB), in the pursuit of recognizing outstanding leadership, selects a business leader who embodies its core values. This year, CLIMB is proud to give out the 2023 Outstanding Business Leader Award to CoBA alum, A.J. van de Ven.

A.J. van de Ven is the dynamic CEO and President of Calsense, a testament to his enduring commitment and exceptional leadership. His remarkable 18-year journey with Calsense commenced as a software engineer, a role that laid the foundation for his transformative impact within the organization. As a proud CSUSM graduate, A.J. exemplifies the potential that emerges from a great education and a resilient spirit. In 2023, he was a finalist for CEO of the year at the San Diego Business Journal.

Beyond his contributions to Calsense, A.J. is deeply integrated into the fabric of our community. He serves as a board member for Eco Life, Carlsbad Education Foundation, the College of Business Administration at CSUSM, and the Irrigation Association. Thse volunteer opportunities allow him to contribute to and have an impact on causes that are dear to his heart: education and sustainability. Furthermore, A.J. extends his influence as a mentor not only for his employees but also the students at his alma mater, leaving an impact on the professional journeys of those he guides. He shared his passion for builfing Lego models with his empoyees and his family. He is a frequent and popular guest in CoBA's signature program. In the Executive's Chair.