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What to wear with your regalia

Full Academic Regaila

All ceremony participants are required to wear full academic regalia consisting of a traditional black gown and mortarboard (cap) with tassel.

Optional items include: Sashes, Cords, and Leis

Regalia can be purchased at the University Bookstore, in-store and online.
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Return Policy on Regalia

Regalia purchased at the University Bookstore is non-refundable.

Visit the University Bookstore website for more information.

CSUSM May Graduate Cheering

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Regalia Updates as of April 18, 2024

Bachelor's Regalia 

Sold out of regalia for heights 5'1 - 5'9, will not restock before commencement. 

Currently have low stock on the for heights 4'10"-5'0"; 5'10"-6'4". 

Master's Regalia 

Sold out of regalia for heights 5'1"-5'3" will not restock before commencement 

Sold out of Salmon Colored hoods for MPH students will not restock before commencement 

University Bookstore has stock on regalia for other heights and hoods for the other majors. 

Other Regalia Items 

Sold out of  CSUSM Zipper Pulls will not restock before commencement 

Have stock of '24 tassels (all black (worn by post-graduates and general blue and white) 

Have stock of some stoles, will have to go to the bookstore in person to see what is available. 

Online Purchases

Due to a low inventory of regalia items, you will need to purchase regalia items in-person at the University Bookstore. All regalia items have been pulled from the University Bookstore’s online site.   

Regalia Items are non-refundable. The Bookstore does not rent out regalia to students. 

Alternative Choices to Sold Out Items

Below are alternatives that best resembles the sold out items from the University Bookstore: 

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Personal Modifications

Students not following the following guidelines will be pulled from the graduation line up.

Please limit personal modifications to mortarboards only.  Gowns are to remain formal with no embellishments/decoration. Mortarboards can have expressions of well-wishes and gratitude or affiliation with campus sanctioned organizations. Unacceptable decorations, offensive language or inappropriate images on the mortarboards will not be allowed.

We kindly ask that personal modifications to the mortarboards (caps) be limited to those expressing well-wishing and gratitude or affiliation with sanctioned organizations. Decorations must remain flat and cannot obstruct the view of the person sitting behind you.

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What to Wear Under Your Gown

  • Attire Under the Gown
    • Wear appropriate clothing considering the outdoor setting exposed to sun and wind
    • Choose clothing that is comfortable and suitable for potentially walking on gravel, grass, and uneven ground
  • Footwear
    • Exercise caution in selecting footwear; avoid high heels due to the high stage and uneven terrain
    • Opt for shoes that are comfortable and stable for walking and standing
  • Item Storage and Valuables
    • There will be no storage available once the processional starts
    • Make arrangements for someone to watch your valuables during the ceremony or store them securely in your car
  • Necessary Items to Bring
    • Bring your cap, tassel, and gown to the line-up area
    • Remember to bring any pins or clips needed to secure your cap, especially if there may be strong breezes during the ceremony

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Crash the Cougar in Bachelor's Regalia