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Color and Typography

University Fonts

Sansumi Font Family, Interval Sans Pro Font Family, Bianca Font

Use of University Name

In formal voice, we are California State University San Marcos (note: there is no comma between University and San). This voice is reserved for distinctive events and communications. The formal voice is dignified and institutional by nature. It is used in official documents, announcements, and ceremonies to all audiences, local, national and international. 

In all communications efforts, please follow this protocol whenever possible:

  • First reference, spell out the name: California State University San Marcos.
  • Subsequent references and in headlines, use the abbreviated version of the name: Cal State San Marcos or CSUSM.
  • You can also use other words such as “campus” or “institution” to refer to our university.

Print Colors

Use these blues when representing the university in print.

University Blues

  • University Blue
  • #002E5A
  • CMYK 100 53 0 65
  • Cougar Blue
    • #0062a5
    • CMYK 100 62 07 01
  • Spirit Blue
  • #3ab5e8
  • CMYK 65 09 0 0

Grays and Blacks

For the purposes of text panels you can use these grays. For print, use the rich black listed below in for body text or anywhere you might use black.

  • Rich Black
  • #222222
  • CMYK 60 40 40 100
  • 30 Gray
    • #bcbec0
    • CMYK 0 0 0 30
  • 20 Gray
  • #d1d3d4
  • CMYK 0 0 0 20