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For Educators

CRESE offers professional development opportunities for educators to support them in integrating STEM into their learning environments.  

Maker Ed NCSD

CRESE supports Maker Ed NCSD, a community for educators, makers, and afterschool providers interested in engaging youth in making. As part of this informal group, we help organize quarterly meetings for educators to learn, share, and discuss maker-based STEM teaching and learning. Each meeting is held at a different site in the evenings and cover a different topic.   

Teacher PD Credit 

Are you a teacher who is interested in receveid PD credit fro your work in maker-based STEM? You can receive Teacher Professional Development credit units through Extended Learning at CSUSM. We created a Maker Education Professional Development courses for you to sign up! Visit: 

Customized Onsite or Online Training 

We can work with your school, district, or organization to develop, implement, and assess the impact of professional development for educators. We can tailor the professional development to standards (e.g. Next Generation Science Standards, International Society for Technology in Education), grade levels, and different STEM areas.