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Talks and Publications

Price, E., Siyahhan, S., Marshall, J., & De Leone, C. (2023). Mobile Making: A Research-Based Afterschool Program Led by STEM Undergraduates Serving as Near-Peer Mentors. Journal of STEM Outreach, 6(1), 1-12.

Siyahhan, S., Price, E., & Marshall, J. (2023). The Mobile Making Program: Supporting Maker-Based STEM Engagement Among Youth During Out-of-School Time. In Developing and Sustaining STEM Programs Across the K-12 Education Landscape (pp. 23-44). IGI Global.

“Mobile Making: A hands-on STEM afterschool program led by undergraduate facilitators” Ashley Corey*, Lemuel Johnson*, April Nelson*, Edward Price*. Invited talk, American Physical Society, April Meeting. Minneapolis, MN. April 2023.

Marshall, J., Price, E., & De Leone, C. (2019). Near-Peer Facilitated Making for Underserved Populations: Lessons Learned through Program Evaluation. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 30(4), 561-576.

De Leone, C. J., Price, E., Sabella, M. S., & Van Duzor, A. G. (2019). Developing and sustaining faculty-driven, curriculum-centered partnerships between two-year colleges and four-year institutions. Journal of College Science Teaching, 48(6), 20-33.

Price, E., De Leone, C. J., DeRoma, D., & Marshall, J. (2016). Mobile Making: A program to broaden participation in Making. In 2016 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings(pp. 248-251).

CRESE staff and STEM ambassadors at physics confrence