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URISE Program Plan and Expectations

URISE Program Plan

  • To seriously pursue graduate study and a professional career in the natural sciences, behavioral sciences or math.
  • To participate in sponsored research supervised by a faculty preceptor.
  • To attend all OTRES Seminars and Workshops (please speak with the U-RISE Director about class conflicts prior to registering for classes).
  • To enroll in the OTRES Course each semester (currently scheduled for Fridays, 12:30-3:30).
  • To attend Supplemental Instruction or CELS sessions for the courses in which it is offered.
    • To participate in summer activities (as appropriate to class standing):
    • Off Campus Summer Research Program (prior to Junior or Senior year)
    • Conduct research with a faculty mentor (all summers)
    • Puentes Program (prior to graduation year)
    • SRTP (prior to Junior year)
  • To make satisfactory progress towards degree in a discipline associated with the natural sciences, behavioral sciences or math.
  • To maintain a competitive GPA for admission to a PhD program.
  • To engage in occasional outreach activities to acquaint high school and community college students with OTRES opportunities.
  • To meet on a frequent basis with an OTRES academic advisor to ensure appropriate progress toward on-time graduation.
  • To minimize external employment and other commitments outside of the U-RISE Program. The Program Director will make case-by-case approval for work commitments other than U-RISE.
  • To present your research at national or regional scientific meetings (including the CSUSM Student Symposium on Student Research, Creative Activities and Innovation each year).
  • To work with OTRES staff to develop a competitive application to graduate school.
  • Upon request, to provide assessment information to OTRES.
  • To monitor e-mail and phone communications from OTRES and respond immediately to requests.
  • To provide annual written updates to OTRES on academic progress after graduating from CSU San Marcos.
  • To notify the OTRES personnel of any changes to e-mail address, home address, or phone number.