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Research Internships

Below is a list of the potential research and advocacy mentors for students participating in this program.

UC San Diego

UCSD Internships
Faculty Internship Info

Dr. Eric Leas

  • Impacts of menthol on smoking cessation and whether that varies across race, sex, and age
  • Examining the use of emerging tobacco and cannabis products

Dr. Sara McMenamin

  • Examine policy-level tobacco control interventions that have impacted education, income, and race/ethnicity disparities in tobacco use
  • Explore ways in which Medi-Cal managed care plans can conduct outreach and provide services to improve tobacco cessation services for Medi-Cal enrollees

Dr. Yuyan Shi

  • Health economics and health policy of tobacco, marijuana, and other drugs
  • Evaluate impacts of drug policies, assess neighborhood retail environments, conduct behavioral experiments, and examine epidemiological pattern of drug abuse

Dr. Dennis Trinidad

  • Analysis of population-level data to examine sociodemographic disparities in tobacco behaviors, from initiation to cessation, with a focus on racial/ethnic minoritized populations

Dr. Shu-Hong Zhu

  • Tobacco use behavioral change interventions
  • Smoking quitline research
  • Analysis of large data sets to find patterns in smoking behavior change at the population level

San Diego State University

SFSU Internships
Faculty Internship Info

Dr. Kristen Emory

  • Examining tobacco related health disparities among diverse LGBTQ+ populations
  • Mixed methods study of the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and resulting substance use, particularly in LGBTQ and BIPOC populations

Prevention Research Center, PIRE California

PIPE Internships
Faculty Internship Info

Dr. Roland Moore

  • Examining systems change at Tribal clinic, youth engagement, and ID checks for commercial tobacco sales in convenience stores in and around Southern California reservations on prevalence of commercial tobacco use in California Indian communities

CSU San Marcos

CSUSM Internships
Faculty Internship Info

Dr. Kim Pulvers

  • Perceived harm of tobacco, electronic cigarette, and cannabis waste and enforcement of smoke and vape free policies; dual tobacco and cannabis use

Advocacy Internships 

Internships and Examples
Tobacco Control Advocacy Organization Examples of Projects and Initiatives

American Cancer Society Action Network

  • Prohibit flavored tobacco product sales; tobacco retail licensing compliance monitoring; smoke-free policy expansion

California Youth Advocacy Network (CYAN)

  • Youth engagement and advocacy for smoke/tobacco free communities

Indian Health Council

  • Multilevel prevention of commercial tobacco-related harms on rural California
  • Tribal lands

Community Action Service Advocacy (CASA)

  • Smoke-free multi-unit housing with Asian Pacific Islander population; community assessment and photo documentation

Niles Sisters Development Initiative

Families Uniting Locally to Solve Tobacco Proliferation (FULSToP) Program

  • Smoke-free homes and flavors policy in refugee, ethnic, and African-American / Black communities

San Diego County Tobacco Control Coalition

  • Smoke and tobacco-free outdoor dining areas and public places, prohibit sale of flavored tobacco products, and reduce youth and young adult access to tobacco products

San Diego State University Institute for Public Health (IPH)

  • Partner with community clinics, community-organizations, and local health departments to prevent and reduce tobacco use

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) San Diego

  • Ending sale of flavored tobacco and smoking/vaping in multi-family communities

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) San Diego Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Program

  • Empowering and advocating for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies for smoke-free policy

Vista Community Clinic (VCC)

  • Smoke-free outdoor dining and multi-unit family housing policies with emphasis on Latinx populations; cessation referrals