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How to Apply

To apply for a CTREE program you will need the following information. You should have these documents completed before you start the online application.  

  1. A curriculum vitae or resume.
  2.  A copy of your unofficial college transcripts from all universities you attended.
  3.  A personal statement that describes your background, research and career interests, and why you want to be part of the CTREE program you are applying to. For more details about what to include in the personal statement please see below.
  4. Name and email address of individuals from whom you are requesting a letter of recommendation if you are applying to URISE, TRDRP, BRIDGES to Doctorate, or McNair. LSAMP does not require letters of recommendation.
  • For URISE letters should be from faculty familiar with your academic performance.
  • For TRDRP SVFSIP, two letters of recommendation are needed and can be from anyone who can speak to your preparedness and training. 
  1. If you are applying to McNair you will also need to upload a copy of either your or your parents tax documents depending on whether you are considered an independent or dependent student.

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If you have any questions about the application requirements please contact

Personal Statement Instructions

Please write a single statement addressing the following topics and upload it with your application. Please limit your statement to a maximum of two pages,1-inch margins and using 11 or 12 pt font (Times New Roman or Arial). Your statement, should incorporate the following details: 

  1. Personal background
  •  Please describe your family and educational background.
  •  Describe any financial, familial, or personal responsibilities that you may have that will require your attention during the next couple of years? (This is in addition to regular academic work.) 
  1. Academic and Career interests 
  • What research topics, fields or departments do you find most interesting?
  •  Please describe your research experiences, if any. 
    • If you are applying to URISE or the BRIDGES to Doctorate Program please discuss your desire to obtain a PhD.
    • If you don’t have formal research experience please describe any experience you have in the lab or learning about research. 
    • If you are applying to the SVFSIP program you can also describe any advocacy experience you have as well.
    • Research experience is not a requirement for acceptance in CTREE Programs.
  • Discuss your academic interests and plans (major(s), minor(s), etc.). Describe what you enjoy and hope to learn from this field. 
  • What graduate program do you intend to pursue? 
  • What are your long term career goals? Are you interested in a career in academia (e.g., as a professor at a college or university)? If so, what do you hope to gain from and contribute to academia?
  1. Community involvement 
  • What extracurricular activities do you participate in? 
  • Describe your volunteer activities or ways in which you "give back" to your community.
  • In what ways do you see yourself as a role model, or in what ways do you hope to become a role model in the future?
  1. Impact of the CTREE program
  • Discuss how the CTREE program (s) you are applying to can help you attain your goals. 
  • Discuss how you see yourself contributing to the CTREE community.