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Gary Oddou Profile

Gary Oddou, Ph.D.

Teaches Leadership in a Global Context, Managing in Different Cultures and International Business Management. Also teaches international human resource management and others regularly at l’Ecole de Management Lyon (France) and National Economics University Business School (Hanoi, Vietnam). Has also taught in England, former Yugoslavia, and other schools in France.
Research and Publication Interests
Research conducted in the areas of global leadership, repatriate knowledge transfer, and cross-cultural competencies and effectiveness.
Work Experience
Worked in marketing and sales for a beverage company, has done consulting in the area of organizational effectiveness for French and U.S. organizations, team-building for European and U.S. top managers, but mostly focuses on consulting with multinational European, Japanese and US firms on identifying the cross-cultural competencies their managers have and in helping them develop personal effectiveness plans to improve their weakest competencies.



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