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GEC Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide for the
General Education Committee (GEC)  

 Key Academic Senate Information

Governing Regulations and Executive Orders

  • Title 5 Regulations Concerning General Education: "Title 5 (Education)" > Division 5 (Board of Trustees of the California State Universities) > Chapter 1 (California State University) > Subchapter 2 (Educational Program) > Article 5 (General Requirements for Graduation)
  • Executive Order 1100: General Education Breadth Requirements (NEW -- supercedes EO 1065)
  • Executive Order 1065: General Education Breadth Requirements (OLD -- supercedes EO 1033)
  • Executive Order 1033: General Education Breadth Requirements (OLD -- supercedes EO 595)
  • Executive Order 595: General Education-Breadth Requirements (OLD -- superceded    by EO 1033)
  • Executive Order 665: Determination of Competence in English and Mathematics
  • Executive Order 405: Graduation Requirements in United States History, Constitution and American Ideals
  • Executive Order 1036: Systemwide Admission Eligibility and/or Baccalaureate Credit Awarded for External Examinations, Experiential Learning, and Instruction in Non-Collegiate Settings (NEW -- supercedes EO 365)
  • Executive Order 365: Systemwide Credit by Evaluation (OLD -- superceded by EO 1036)

Decisions and Policies Governing Upper-Division General Education

  • GEC Resolution  on Upper Division General Education Requirement (approved by Academic Senate on February 5, 2003)
  • GEC 261-03 Resolution on Definition of Upper Division [General] Education
  • GEC Resolutions ~ Satisfaction of the BB Requirement for Natural Science Majors and Satisfaction of the DD Requirement for Social Science Majors

Area E Recertification

  • 2006-07 Area E Recertification Report

General Education Credit by Examination

General Graduation Requirements

Language Other Than English Requirement

All-University Writing Requirement Information

 University Initiatives Related to General Education