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Faculty Highlights

Teresa Weseloh

October 2015

faculty teresa weselo

Unlike many other native southern Californians, Teresa Weseloh did not grow up on the beaches; rather, she could be found riding horses on ranches in the Vista and Oceanside areas.  As a young girl, she competed as a rider in National Western Competitions.

After graduating from a private high school (no longer around), Terry went to SDSU where she majored in Fine Arts and received her teaching credential.  Terry is currently retired from her real career as a K-12 teacher, but in her years of experience, she can claim teaching all levels from K-12 and beyond.  She did, however, enjoy teaching younger kids who were innocent and had a zest for learning.

In 2005 Terry decided to return to school to pursue her Master’s degree because her children were grown, and she had always loved to write and wanted to improve her skills.  She received her graduate degree in 2008.  Terry’s thesis focused on an 18th century female writer, Frances Burney, who was an early woman writer at a time when they were excluded from such intellectual pursuits. Terry was fascinated by Frances Burney as a woman who was able to enter a male domain while maintaining her place in society.

Like the majority of GEW instructors, Terry taught GEW as a TA and then continued in the program while simultaneously working her full time job at the elementary level.  In her GEW classes, Terry uses fiction and non-fiction texts to help students get the connection between the written word and the culture around them; she helps students to see how one influences the other.

As a seasoned teacher, Terry’s best advice is to get to know your students, learn their strengths, and enjoy them. 

With all of her time teaching at one campus or another, we would think that there would not be much time for personal interests, yet Terry enjoys hiking and long walks, yoga (which she has practiced for 13 years), traveling, and reading.  Her real escape, however, is through writing.

Terry has traveled to and hiked in Skagway, Alaska, where her son lives, and she has snow-shoed in Canada.  She looks forward to the day when she can travel to and explore parts of Eastern Europe.

When a literature major is asked, “what is your favorite book?” the answer is rarely just one book; likewise, Terry has several favorites but for various reasons.  She enjoys reading Jane Austen and likes to read about history.  For fun, Terry will pick up a good murder mystery.

Terry also has a passion for social causes, like raising awareness for organ and bone marrow donation.  She feels uplifted knowing that she can make a difference in people’s lives.