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By the Numbers

Campaign Totals

$55 Million - Total amount raised by CSUSM during the seven years of the campaign
$50.8 Million - Total raised in the first 21 years after the university's founding

$7.9 Million - Average annual giving during the campaign
$3.3 Million - Average annual giving in the seven years before the campaign

15 Gifts of at least $1 million during the campaign
$3 Million - Amount of largest campaign gift


  • 25,620 Total gifts during campaign
  • $2,148 Average gift amount
  • 9,290 Unique donors
  • 6,629 First-time donors

CSUSM Giving Day

$448,955 - Amount CSUSM raised on Giving Day 2018

$15,083 - Amount CSUSM raised on Giving Day in 2015

$155,678 - Total amount raised on Giving Day 2018 combined by Cal State Fullerton, Cal State San Bernardino, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Sacramento State and Humboldt State, which have a cumulative alumni total of 708,679.

45,000 - Total number of CSUSM alumni.

Top five designations by dollar amount

  • CSU Institute for Palliative Care
  • College of Business Administration
  • General scholarships
  • ACE Scholars Services
  • Alliance to Accelerate Excellence in Education