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Internships are vital to obtaining work experience for your career! Before applying to internships, make sure to have your application materials ready. It is highly recommended that students attend CSTEM career workshops and other events before applying for internships.

Program Objectives

  • To provide students with meaningful experiential learning in order to gain valuable skills needed for the workforce during a summer or semester internship.
  • To provide a variety of internships for students in the STEM fields where they could obtain 3 months or more of paid, full-time or part-time work experience to build their resumes.
  • For students to understand where their career paths can lead to after graduation by obtaining work experience while they are completing their studies.
  • To create a culture of career development for students at the university in partnership with employers or community partners in order to create a pipeline for STEM employers.
  • Summer internships provide the needed break from theory while gaining experience in their field. This allows them to go into their first full-time job with increased awareness of the positions and how they match up with their strengths. This gives the company a chance to see them in action.

A quality internship:

  • Consists of a part-time or full-time work schedule that includes no more than 20% clerical or administrative duties.
  • Provides a clear job/project description for the work experience.
  • Orients the student to the organization, its culture, and proposed work assignment(s).
  • Helps the student develop and achieve learning outcomes.
  • Offers regular feedback to the student intern.

Benefits of completing an internship for students:

  • Gain professional experience and transferable skills
  • Develop new skills and refine others
  • Explore a prospective career path
  • Network with professionals in their field, for references, and future job opportunities
  • Gain a competitive edge on the job market or for post-baccalaureate studies

Information for Students

Paid, not for credit internships

Our campus uses Handshake to post paid, not for credit internships. Make sure to also check SD Squared for some local internship opportunities. More opportunities available on the CSTEM Career Readiness and Exploration Teams Channel!

If you're looking for a paid, not for credit internship, contact Breanna Caso at


Current STEM Internship Courses
Department Internship Course Course Description
Biology BIOL 495: Internship in Biology BIOL 495

BIOT 497: Internship in Biotechnology BIOT 497
Other departments UNIV 495: Internships UNIV 495

How to obtain credit for UNIV 495:

  • Units earned are applied toward the university’s upper-division unit requirement.
  • Every baccalaureate degree (i.e., Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) requires completion of a minimum of 120 semester units. Some choices of majors will require more than 120 semester units; the descriptions of each major specify how many units are required. Regardless of the major requirements, a student must complete at least forty (40) units of upper-division coursework to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • Inquire with your department chair or faculty advisor about whether these units can be approved to count toward your major.

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