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About the Latin@ Center

Latino Center in USU

About the center

The Latin@ Center strives to promote gender equity, inclusiveness, and diversity by:

  • Instilling a “Scholar First” approach
  • Referring to campus and community resources
  • Hosting educational and cultural (intercultural) programs, workshops, events
  • Supporting student research, and scholarship
  • Connecting to Internships & Service Learning
  • Supporting growth of the community through outreach panels, advocacy work

The Latin@ Center Mission

 The Latin@ Center provides culturally sensitive programs that fosters and promotes academic and personal success of Latino/a students. We strive to educate the campus about Latino/a issues and the ethnic diversity represented within the community (i.e. Central & South America, Caribbean to Mexico). The center serves as welcoming space where students can showcase Latin@ culture, academic excellence, research, collaboration, community service, dialogue, philanthropy, and inspire social change to the wider campus community.


Empowering students to develop:

  • Leadership skills
  • Social responsibility
  • Critical thinking
  • Reflection & discussion
  • Workplace experience
  • Community service & philanthropy