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About the Latinx Center


About El Centro

The Latinx Center strives to promote gender equity, inclusiveness, and diversity by:

  • Instilling a "Community  & Familismo" approach
  • Referring to campus and community resources
  • Hosting educational and cultural (intersectional) programs, workshops, events
  • Supporting student needs and development
  • Supporting growth of the community through outreach panels, advocacy work


The Latinx Center serves as a welcoming, inclusive, and culturally empowering space for all  students. We strive to educate the campus about: Latinx issues, multi-dimensional identities, and ethnic diversity represented within the community (i.e. Central & South America, Caribbean to Mexico). We focus on Latinx student validation and engagement by providing culturally enriching and transformational programs as well as services that foster and promote holistic student success. 


We aim to provide a multi-engaging, cultural validating, and educational advocacy space for students and the community at large. We inspire to promote transformational collegial experiences for Latinx students that foster student success. 

Centro Student Engagement