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Current and Upcoming Events

About the Latinx Center

The Latinx Center is dedicated to supporting students at CSUSM. We provide and impliment programs that foster an inclusive enviroment. We encourage the Full and Equal participation of all students.

Center Pillars

  1. Hollistic Wellness/Self care
  2. Community Engagment
  3. Social Justice/Social Change
  4. Identity/Cultural Exploration
  5. Education Empowerment

Carnaval Samba dancers

Fall 2023 Programs


  • 8/31 LXC Open House: 12-1pm, Latinx Center
  • 9/5 GradSchool Platicas: 12-1pm, Latinx Center
  • 9/7 Cougars in Solidarity Block Party: 6-9pm, Forum Plaza
  • 9/14 Latinx Heritage Month Kick Off: 6-8pm, USU Ballroom
  • 9/21 The College of Colleges: 12-1pm, Latinx Center
  • 9/26 Our/My Culture Isn't a Trend: 12-1pm, Latinx Center
  • 9/28 Chingona Fest: 12-1pm, Women and Gender Equity Center


  • 10/3 Cafecito con pan: 12-1pm, Latinx Center
  • 10/5 Financial Wellness: 12-1pm, Latinx Center
  • 10/10 DO not label my body: 12-1pm, Latinx Center
  • 10/12 Heritage Month Closing: 6-8pm, USU Ballroom
  • 10/24 Lilly Career Event: 12-1pm, Latinx Center
  • 10/26 Karoke Night: 12-1pm, Latinx Center


  • 11/2  Dia de Los Muertos: 10am-1pm, Kellogg Plaza
  • 11/16 Friendsgiving: TBD, Latinx Center
  • 11/28 Practicando Self-Care: 12-1pm Latinx Center


  • 12/5 Las Posadas: 6-8pm, AB Ballroom

Events will be in person, online or on virtual platforms. Please review individual flyers for the event location. Dates and times are subject to change.