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We're Back!

Thank you for your interest in Leadership North County! Application are available and we will be reviewing them on a rolling basis. We look forward to reviewing your application!

Who Should Apply

Individuals interested in developing a systemic understanding of how our region works because important issues that impact the North County's future include business and community leaders, current and aspiring elected officials, leaders of volunteer and nonprofit organizations, educators and school board members, city employees, leaders of public agencies and active community citizens. Participants include people who want to:

  • Understand our region's challenges and opportunities                                  
  • Influence the region’s development
  • Join a network of exemplary leaders to improving the quality of life in the region
  • Enhance leadership, team building, and collaboration skills
  • Help others achieve the objectives listed above

Apply Today!


Preview application questions:

What do you consider to be your highest achievement or most significant contribution to your career?  

Describe your volunteer/community activities and your most important accomplishment in these activities.        

What issues affecting our region are of interest to you and why (i.e. health, environment, transportation, other-explain)?     

What do you consider to be one of our region's greatest accomplishments or evidence of something "done right"? What lesson do you take away from this example?   

What is your definition of community leadership and who exemplifies it best?    

What are your motivating factors for wanting to participate in Leadership North County?  

In what ways do you hope to contribute to the class?     

For questions, please contact