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Math Department Awards

Reid Sponsored Awards

The CSUSM Department of Mathematics is excited to announce three new awards for CSUSM students for academic performance in the academic year 2023-2024. Thanks to a generous donation by the Founding Librarian Dean and Librarian Emerita Marion Reid and Founding Faculty Member and Professor Emeritus K. Brooks Reid the department will be able to give three awards to students at the end of each spring semester, starting in 2023. The awards will distinguish students that have shown exceptional accomplishments in one of the following three areas.

Academic Year 2023-24 Award Application Forms:

The first two awards will be given to undergraduate students, the third award will be given to graduate students. Each awardee will receive $600 and students don’t need to be nominated to receive the award.  Faculty members who teach the above courses will form an award committee in spring and determine the awardees of the year.