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Undergraduate Advising

The Office of Academic Advising provides comprehensive academic advising regarding major and minor programs, general education, academic policies and procedures, probation regulations, and reinstatement to all admitted undergraduate students. Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with counselors to help them navigate the General Education requirements and information about their major. 

Faculty Advising

Math majors should also make an appointment with their Undergraduate AdvisorIf you have questions about math courses numbered 330 and above, please email, or make an appointment with one of the advisors listed below.  You may choose an advisor by referencing the table OR by asking current or past faculty you have taken courses with for advising.

Advisor Contact LIst
Option Math Option Advisor Contact Email
Algorithmic  Dr. Mike Picollelli
Applied Dr. Badal Joshi
Education Dr. Mike Picollelli
Education Dr. Hanson Smith
General Dr. David Chien
General Dr. Mike Picollelli
General Dr. Hanson Smith

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