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Program Description

The CSUSM Noyce Teacher Scholars Program Description

The overarching goal of the CSUSM Noyce Teacher Scholars program is to recruit 40 additional Noyce Scholars and retain 100% of them in STEM classrooms in high-need school districts. Our strong programs will train the Scholars to work effectively with English learners. The project objectives are:

  1.  Leverage a wealth of tiered early STEM teaching experiences (from freshmen to seniors) to recruit teacher candidates and guide the development of their teaching identities.
  2. Recruit 14 underrepresented racial minorities (URMs) and/or women in STEM, by (a) utilizing a joint teacher recruitment mechanism of CSUSM and community colleges and (b) collaborating with campus centers and programs.
  3. Remove barriers and support the journey of becoming STEM teachers via the “Be A Teacher Pathway Community” and math/science programs and clubs.
  4. Create a nurturing environment that fosters STEM teacher recruitment/retention via (a) deepening collaboration with local community colleges and school districts and (b) enhancing STEM faculty’s capacity to cultivate, identify, recruit, and support prospective STEM teachers.
  5. Build a local network by expanding support for pre-service and new in-service Noyce Scholars that includes face-to-face and virtual communication among Scholars and between Scholars and faculty.

More information on the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is available on the national Robert Noyce Scholarship Program website or the National Science Foundation website.