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How to Apply

Application and Selection Process

Apply here for the CSUSM Noyce Scholarship. Review of applications will begin in April 2021. To ensure your application is considered, submit by Friday, April 16, 2021.

The selection committee will review the application, personal essays, and the two letters of recommendation of each candidate.

Strong candidates will be invited to interview with the selection committee, at which further inquiry about the program activities and expectations will be discussed, as well as to ensure thorough understanding of post-scholarship professional and financial commitments.

The CSUSM Noyce Scholarship application has six parts:

  1. Noyce applicant information
  2. Three essay prompts
  3. Current résumé, including all teaching-related activity (interpret "teaching" broadly, e.g. camp-counselor, tutor, etc.)
  4. A Plan of Study, outlining the intended timeline or courses to complete undergraduate degree (use these CSUSM forms)
  5. Two letters of recommendation. Alternatively, the letters can be directly sent to If you do so, attach a note about the arrangement.
  6. A copy of most recent transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable). If you just transfered from another college/university, submit both the final transcript from the college/university and the most recent CSUSM transcript.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed

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