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Information for Community College Students

The CSUSM Noyce scholarships are awarded to CSUSM undergraduate students in STEM areas in their last two years of study and teacher candidates in a teaching credential program. See the eligibility requirements on the Scholarship Information page. Community College Students need to transfer to CSUSM and enroll in a STEM department to be eligible for the scholarship. Below are a few tips in each of the stages of becoming a STEM teacher.

We highly recommend joining the Future Educators Association at CSUSM - you can join at any point in the process of becoming a teacher, even if you haven't transfered to CSUSM yet! The Future Educators Association is a student-run organization where future educators meet, ask questions, and connect with faculty and advisors. Join today!

While at Community College

  • Talk to a counselor about courses you need to take to transfer to CSUSM as a STEM major
  • Join the Future Educators Association!
  • Take EDUC 115 at MiraCosta - early exposure to classroom teaching while satisfying one of the three CSUSM teacher preparation courses.
  • Get STEM experience—lab, makerspace, internship, etc.
  • Get early teaching experience (e.g., talk to SI program, ask instructor about independent project based on teaching)
  • Get tutoring experience (e.g., talk to your Instructors, STEM Center, MiraCosta Outreach Dept.)
  • Volunteer in classrooms or after-school programs; talk to teachers about their experience
  • Visit STEM Center & take part in STEM activities
  • Review scholarship opportunities at MiraCosta, Palomar, and CSUSM
  • Transfer to CSUSM

While at CSUSM

In Credential Program (post-baccalaureate)

  • Take credential courses--2 semesters and full time
  • Complete clinical experiences & teacher performance assessment (you'll know these when you get to this stage)
  • Once you've completed the above, you'll earn a preliminary credential—eligible to teach


The faculty at MiraCosta, Palomar, and CSUSM are happy to help. Feel free to contact the following professors to learn more about STEM, courses, the Noyce program and scholarship, teacher credentialing, and many other things.

MiraCosta College

Palomar College


See the Contact Information page.