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Math Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)

The CSU Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) funds the Cougar Mathematics and Science Teacher (CMST) Scholars Program, the MSTI Teacher Academy, and the Faculty Champions for Teacher Recruitment (FaCTR).   

Cougar Mathematics and Science Teacher (CMST) Scholars Program

The CSUSM Cougar Mathematics and Science Teacher (CMST) Scholars program responds to the critical need for secondary teachers of mathematics and science by encouraging talented students and professionals to pursue teaching careers. The program awards students at various stages of their K-12 math and science teaching career pathways each semester. The following awards are available to students depending on where they are at in their teaching career pathway:

Eligibility Requirements

  • Strong background in mathematics or science (or have a bachelors degree in math/science)
  • Planning to teach K-12 mathematics or science
  • Note: Noyce Scholars are not eligible for Pre-Noyce or Credential year scholarship 

You must reapply each semester; awards do not automatically renew.

 Spring 2024 applications will be accepted through January 31, 2024.

Apply to MSTI 

MSTI Teacher Academy

The MSTI Teacher Academy is a residential program, meaning students who participate in the academy will stay at the CSU San Marcos residence halls for the duration of the program. The Teacher Academy is a 4-day education camp experience designed to introduce students to the career of teaching. In addition to career exploration, participants will partake in activities to explore their own identities and make connections to how that might shape their interactions in their future classrooms, participate in guest speaker series, workshops, and complete an academy culmination project to present. 

Please note Teacher Academies have been postponed due to covid. 

Faculty Champions for Teacher Recruitment (FaCTR)

Program Goal: Recruit 10 new STEM major students for teaching each semester.
Recruitment. Retention. Community Building.

Program Details

  • Make a brief presentation in your class about STEM teaching.
  • Nominate and mentor at least one student every semester.
  • Nominate a student of promise
  • Students of Promise are invited to MSTI/Noyce events, recieve reminders about scholarships, invited to follow our Instagram account, and join the Future Educators Association.
  • Compensation: $500 per semester

Student of Promise Qualities

  • Strong science or math content knowledge.
  • Engages in reflective practices (e.g., solves problems in multiple ways, checks solutions, annotates work).
  • Demonstrates leadership and collaboration skills (e.g., shares ideas in class, answers peers' questions, actively engages in small group work).
  • Has potential to empathize with individuals with different backgrounds than their own.

Mentoring Details

  1. Set up meeting with your student of promise.
  2. Highlight student's qualities for teaching.
  3. Discuss potential pathways to teaching.

Become a CSUSM Faculty Champion for Teacher Recruitment (FaCTR).