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Culturally Sustaining, Equity Driven, and Justice Focused Pedagogies  

Endorsed by CSU Deans of Education and the School of Education 

As Leaders of College and Schools of Education in the California State University System (CSU), we are directly opposed to any theory, practice, or action that interferes with the educational process. Our goal is to ensure that we prepare educators who can uplift, inspire, and engage students, all students. We will continue to provide educators with the tools that will allow them to embed student culture and lived experiences, including language, race, and ethnicity into the curriculum so that each educator can engage each student. We are educators and that is our job.

It is our responsibility to prepare educators to value and educate all children. To do so, future educators must recognize children's individual strengths and needs, the community cultural wealth they bring with them to the classroom, and the systemic challenges and opportunities that impact their experiences in TK12 schools. This requires that future educators grapple with the realities of structural racism in our society. We stand with our faculty, students, and alumni who engage culturally sustaining, equity-driven, and justice-focused pedagogical practices in order to improve learning opportunities.

Teaching: A Career in High Demand


Resources for Undocumented Students

As a leader in higher education, the 23-campus California State University is committed to ensuring academic opportunities are available to all the state's students, regardless of citizenship status.

If you are an undocumented student, there are many resources available to you - from grants, loans and scholarships to legal and campus support services. 

Dreamer Office and Resources