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Surf Lab in Kinesiology

Did the Surf Industry Kill the Future of Wetsuits?

A dozen miles from the Pacific Ocean, at California State University in San Marcos, surfers paddle against a current in a temperature-controlled tank. The flume pool is part of the university’s Surf Research Laboratory, led by surf-obsessed kinesiology professors Sean Newcomer and Jeff Nessler. Read more...

Lir Wang
Dylan Hendricks

Future of Health & Wellness
Mon. Oct. 17, 2022
8 a.m.- Noon
Lir Wang
Futurist Speaker, Institute for the Future

Future of Education
Wed. Oct. 19, 2022
4:30-8:30 p.m.
Dylan Hendricks
Futurist Speaker, Institute for the Future

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Our College offers a wide array of undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate programs designed to prepare students for rewarding and purposeful careers in education, nursing, public health, social work, speech pathology, human development, and kinesiology. We expect our graduates to be critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. We expect them to serve as agents of change in their workplaces and communities. We expect them to make a difference.

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Students & Alumni

Aaron Stirling 
Alumni Spotlight: Aaron Stirling 

Aaron Stirling came to California State University San Marcos as a nursing student in 2009. After graduating in 2012, he felt the need to expand his role and returned to school at University of San Diego for his Doctorate in Nursing Practice in 2015. Since graduating with his doctorate in 2018, he has worked as a Nurse Practitioner in the Emergency Department (ED) in a medically underserved community in the Imperial Valley.

Emergency medicine is both challenging and rewarding and has been forever changed with the emergence of COVID-19. His small rural hospital felt a large impact of the pandemic. This brought unique challenges but allowed opportunities to give back to the community while working as a sub-investigator in the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine clinical trial as well as inpatient COVID treatments.

Dr. Stirling is passionate about reducing the devastating impact of opioid addiction on his small community by utilizing medication-assisted treatment in the ED. Striving to intervene in this vulnerable population after overdoses or other opioid related ED visits, Dr. Stirling wants to turn the tide in this ongoing struggle with opioids. Now, continuing to work in the ED, while serving as faculty in undergraduate nursing and graduate nurse practitioner programs, teaching core nursing classes at SDSU and serving as a Doctoral advisor, Clinical Faculty, and teaching in the Emergency Nurse Practitioner program at USD, Dr. Stirling strives to enrich the next generation of nurses and nurse practitioners and continue to serve his rural community.

“Nursing school at CSUSM was a period of growth – both personally and academically. I would not be where I am, if not for the support of my study group that kept me afloat and moving forward. All have gone on to do amazing things: Clinical informatics in oncology, trauma medicine deployments in Iraq, nurse practitioner working with underserved patients, nursing supervisor and the list goes on. We remain friends to this day, and I can count on them for curbside-consults for challenging cases or anything life throws at us,” says Dr. Stirling, reflecting on his time as a student.

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