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CEHHS Strategic Planning

The Process Begins

Strategic Planning Team:

  • Jennifer Ostergren, Dean
  • Paul Stuhr, Chair
  •  Alison Sheer-Cohen
  • Blake Beecher
  • Grace McField
  • Anne Rene
  • Sarah Jayyousi
  • Marilyn Huerta
  • Teru Toyoko
  • Christina Holub
  • Deanna Schmidt
  • Jimmy Young
  • Susan Andera
  • Bonnie Mottolla, Admin


Strategic plan on computer with person typing




  • Planning


  • Community feedback
  • Establish Mission/Vision/Values
  • Identify 3-4 Core Aspirational Categories



  • Define Long-term goals within aspirational categories


    • Set Short-term goals, metrics and budget alignment

CSUSM Mission, Vision & Values

CSUSM Strategic Goals

1 - Academic Excellence
2 - Student Success
3 - Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Excellence
4 - Culture of Care
5 - Community Partnerships
6 - Distinctive Institutional Identity & Reputation

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Draft Language in Discussion

CEHHS Mission Statement (Draft as of February 10, 2023)
The mission of the College of Education, Health and Human Services (CEHHS) is to prepare highly skilled and ethical educators, researchers, and health professionals to meet the needs of our region, nation, and global communities. We promote student-centered learning and a commitment to academic and inclusive excellence.

CEHHS Vision Statement (Draft as of February 10, 2023)
CEHHS strives to be responsive to the needs of our community by advancing innovative, evidence-based, socially just, reflective practices in the fields of education, health, and human services.

CEHHS Values (Draft as of February 10, 2023)
CEHHS is an academic community dedicated to the values of:

  • Student Success: We focus on students' holistic needs, including academic, professional, and personal success.
  • Supportive Work Environments: We promote an inclusive and equitable culture of care with policies that give voice to all members.
  • Open-minded Approach: We focus on continuous improvement by seeking diverse perspectives, conducting research, innovation, risk taking, intellectual engagement, strategic stewardship of resources, and sustainability.
  • Community Focused Collaboration: We are committed to serving the needs of our surrounding communities through engagement, respect, and promotion of indigenous and local practices.

CEHHS Goals (Draft as of February 17, 2023)

Goal 1: Authentic Learning and Student Success
Definition: Provide student-centered, research-based teaching and learning that advances professional knowledge and skills for all students using innovation and technology.

Goal 2: Collaborative and Supportive Work Environments
Definition: Sustain work conditions that promote physical and mental wellness with thoughtful and sustainable stewardship of university, college, and community resources. 

Goal 3: Professional Advancement, Innovation, and Scholarly Work
Definition: Faculty, staff, and administrators engage in professional development opportunities and/or research as a means to forward the mission of CEHHS and the University - positioning discovery, creative thinking, generation of new knowledge, and intellectual excellence.

Goal 4: Commitment, Equity, and Inclusive Engagement
Definition: Identify complex cultural, social, emotional, and political barriers and create intentional strategies to overcome and advance engagement with CEHHS stakeholders.