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The College of Education, Health and Human Services or CEHHS, is comprised of three schools and advising for the college: 

School of Education (SOE)

Office:  University Hall 422
Phone:  760-750-4300

School of Education Website

School of Nursing (SON)

Office:  University Hall 361
Phone:  760-750-7550

School of Nursing Website

School of Health Sciences and Human Services (SHSHS)

SHSHS Website

Encompassing the following departments:  

Human Development (HD)

Office:  University Hall 322
Phone:  760-750-4118

Human Development Website

Kinesiology (KINE)

Office:  University Hall 322
Phone:  760-750-4118

Kinesiology Website

Public Health (PH)

Office:  Extended Learning Building 501
Phone:  760-750-4295

Public Health Website

Social Work (SW)

Office:  Extended Learning Building 636
Phone:  760-750-7373

Social Work Website

Speech Language Pathology (SLP)

Office:  Extended Learning Building 649
Phone:  760-750-7374

Speech Language Pathology Website