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Curriculum & Academic Policy Committee

Charge and Bylaws

The charge of the Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee (CAPC) is to make recommendations to the Dean concerning curriculum and academic policy.

  1. The voting members of the CAPC shall be six faculty: two members representing each of the three units of CEHHS (SOE, SON and SHSHS), who are elected by the faculty within their respective divisions; and a seventh member elected at large from among the eligible CEHHS faculty.
  2. Ex officio, non-voting members shall include the Dean or his/her designee, a CEHHS representative to the University Curriculum Committee, and the Director of Student Services.
  3. Committee members shall serve staggered terms of two years.
  4. The CAPC shall communicate with the Budget and Academic Planning Committee within 7 days following approval as necessary regarding curriculum approval and its implementation.
  5. The CAPC shall review and make written recommendations regarding all proposals for new departments/schools, programs, centers/institutes, majors/minors, courses, and substantive or minor course changes.  The CAPC shall make certain that each proposal contributes to the realization of the CAMP, and shall strive to coordinate its efforts with University Curriculum Committee's requirements and deadlines.