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Academic Standing and Requirements

Minimum Grade Point Average

The University requires that all graduate students maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) or they may be subjected to Academic Notice. Each program may determine higher GPA requirements but must have them listed in their program handbook and/or in the University catalog.

Graduate Milestones

In addition to completing all course requirements, graduate students will be required to complete three (3) Milestones:  Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement, Advancement to Candidacy and Culminating Experience.

Each program will delineate what requirements must be met to fulfill each milestone and student may track their milestone progression by viewing their Academic Requirements Report (ARR).

Advancement to Candidacy

Advancement to Candidacy occurs when a master’s program has approved a student to proceed toward completing the final requirements for the master’s degree, e.g., final coursework, and culminating experience (thesis, project, or comprehensive exam).

Culminating Experience

Every Master’s degree program is required to include a culminating experience. The form of this experience differs according to degree programs, but all Master’s students must satisfactorily complete either a thesis, a project or a comprehensive examination.

A finished Master’s thesis or Master’s project is a scholarly work that is the product of extensive research and related preparation. The University will make Master’s theses and Master’s projects publicly available online in the University’s institutional repository, ScholarWorks at CSUSM. Electronic theses and projects provide increased visibility of research produced at the University. The immediate and widespread availability provides worldwide access to scholarship. Students should consult the University’s guidelines for electronic Master’s theses and Master’s projects at the University Library web site.

Apply to Graduate

Students must apply to graduate for the term that they anticipate completing all of their program requirements. This will trigger the process for your file to be reviewed for final degree conferral. You may do so through your Student Center at myCSUSM and deadlines to apply to graduate.