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Organization Chart

19-20 org chart

Division of Academic Affairs Academic Year 2019/2020

Dean College of Education, Health & Human Services
Emiliano Ayala

Assistant Dean
Shannon Cody
Associate Dean
Deborah Kristan


School of Education

School of Education Director
Pat Stall

Associate Directors
A. Elsbree
A. Daoud

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program Coordinator
S. Siyahhan

Master of Arts Program Coordinator
A. Elsbree

Educational Administration Program Coordinator
C. Van Vooren

Reading/Language Arts Program Coordinator
L. Stowell

Integrated Credetial Program Coordinator
S. Freeborn

Education Specialist Program Co-Coordinators
I. Mauerman
J. Robledo

Middle Level Program Coordinators
E. Daniels

Multiple Subject Program Co-Coordinators
I. Flores
W. Heredia

Single Subject Program Coordinator
J. Rich

Bilingual Authorization Program Coordinator
A. Hernandez

School of Nursing

School of Nursing Director
Tom Olson

Associate Director
W. Hansbough

Graduate Programs Coordinator
N. Coffin-Romig

Undergraduate Programs Coordinator
W. Hansbough

Master's in Public Health Program Director
D. Kristan, Interim

School of Health Sciences & Human Services

Human Development Department Chair
T. Toyokawa

Kinesiology Department Chair
P. Stuhr

Social Work Department Chair
B. Beecher

Speech-Language Pathology Department Chair
L. Heisler