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Undergraduate Pathways to the Credential Program

The School of Education does not offer undergraduate programs. You can apply to our teacher credential programs with any baccalaurate degree.

Which CSUSM Undergraduate Degree Paves the Way to the Teacher Credential Programs in the School of Education?

We have several undergraduate programs at CSUSM that offer options to put you in the path of a teaching careers depending on your career goals.

  • If you are interested in becoming an elementary and middle school teacher, you can enroll in the B.A. in Liberal Studies: Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Program Option (ESM).
  • If you are interested in becoming a high school Math teacher, you can enroll in the B.A. in the Single Subject Matter Preparation (SSMP) Program in Mathematics.
  • If you are interested in becoming a high school History/Social Sciences teacher,  you can enroll in the B.A. in the Single-Subject Option in History.

These programs will save you time and money in your path to obtaining your teaching credential. See more information about each of these options below.

  • B.A. in Liberal Studies: Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Program Option (ESM)

    The Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Option offers an excellent curricular pathway to students interested in a career in elementary or middle school teaching (grades K-8). Coursework is selected to address the seven core subject matter areas of the K-8 curriculum (Reading, Language & Literature; History & Social Sciences; Mathematics; Science; Visual & Performance Arts; Human Development; and Physical Education), including all general education and breadth of study requirements. In addition, students choose an Area of Focus module that explores one of these subject matter areas in great depth.

    The Elementary Subject Matter (ESM) option leads to a Liberal Studies, B.A. degree followed by the multiple subject credential program.

    Note: The curriculum for the ESM option has been approved as a Waiver Program by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This means that students who finish all degree requirements for the ESM and ITEP options, earn a cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher, and graduate, will not need to take the Multiple Subject California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSETs) I-III. To apply for a B.A. program, please visit Liberal Studies.

    ESM Course Catalog Listing

  • B.A. in Mathematics with Single Subject Matter Preparation (SSMP)

    Students interested in teaching mathematics at the secondary level may wish to complete the Single Subject Matter Preparation (SSMP) Program in Mathematics. The SSMP Program is not a major, it is a collection of mathematics courses that provides undergraduate students the academic background to help them become qualified for a Single Subject Credential in Mathematics. The Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics authorizes an individual to teach mathematics classes in departmentalized settings. The holders of this credential may teach at any K-12 grade level, but departmentalized teaching of mathematics usually occurs in grades seven through twelve. 

    Visit: Mathematics Department 

    Course Catalog: 

  • B.A. in History with Single-Subject Preparation for Teaching

    Students interested in majoring in History and teaching at the secondary level may elect the Single-Subject Option in History/Social Science.  Successful completion of this option will allow students to waive the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) in History/Social Science.  For certification of this option, students must maintain a 2.7 GPA or above, both in overall work and in all courses used to complete the major and option. 

    History Department /history/degreerequirements/majorwaiver.html 

What is an alternative pathway to the teacher credential program if I am pursuing a different Undergraduate Degree at CSUSM? 

If you are currently a CSUSM undergraduate student, we recommend you obtain your Minor in Education Studies as part of earning your undergraduate degree. The Minor in Education Studies consists of 21 units which includes the three prerequisite courses (EDUC350, EDUC364, and EDUC422) (9 units total) to enter the teacher credential program. Even if you are not considering a career in preK-12 teaching, the Minor in Education Studies is an interdisciplinary study in several aspects of education from its history and roots, to culturally responsive pedagogy, to youth development, to mathematics and the arts.  It is geared towards developing an understanding of how children and adolescents become well rounded, thoughtful citizens. It also serves as a preparation for a variety of related careers. 

Minor in Education Studies Course Catalog More Information about the Minor: Contact CEHHS Student Support