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Distinguished Teachers in Residence Program

DTiR Program


The Distinguished Teachers in Residence (DTiR) program at Cal State San Marcos evolved out of a mutual desire for local school districts to be directly involved in teacher preparation at the university and the faculty's desire to remain closely connected with schools. The DTiR program has helped create and maintain important linkages between public schools in North San Diego County and Cal State San Marcos.

DTiR Program Contact

School of Education Office

How does it work?

K-12 school districts who are members of the DTiR program identify teachers in their school districts to serve as faculty on two-year terms at CSUSM. Teachers who join CSUSM School of Education through the program (known as "DTiRs") will remain employees of their respective school districts with full entitlement to all associated benefits. CSUSM will reimburse the employing districts for replacement teaching costs. General duties of DTiRs include: teaching courses appropriate to their area(s) of specialization, supervising student teachers, advising students, participating in college governance and holding committee assignments. Opportunities may be provided to team teach, provide guest lectures in specialized content areas, conduct research and facilitate student teaching seminars. DTiRs are afforded opportunities and encouraged to share their classroom teaching expertise with the widest spectrum of pre-service teachers in a variety of teacher credential program courses. DTiRs are strongly encouraged, but not required, to conduct applied research collaboratively with CSUSM faculty or on their own and incorporate such research activities into their professional growth plans.

As part of the DTiR program, CSUSM will also make available units of assigned time (Partnership Professional Development) per academic year to the tenure-track School of Education faculty to assist participating school districts with special needs within their areas of expertise.

What is the Application and Selection Process?

Each year, eligible districts will be sent application information containing the position announcement, qualifications, application procedures and information meeting flyer. This information will be distributed on or before the first week in December to the designated representative of each participating eligible district for distribution to the schools in their respective districts. The position announcement, application form, information meeting flyer and other pertinent information about the search process will also be posted and available for download below.

CSUSM will identify teachers from participating districts to serve as Distinguished Teachers in Residence in the School of Education and will be chosen from among the permanent teaching faculties of the districts which are parties to the Consortium Agreement. The search committee (to be chosen using criteria established by the University and the superintendents of participating school districts) will include representation from the Consortium Agreement districts and CSUSM.

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DTiR Partnership Professional Development (Assigned Time Grants)

A portion of the Distinguished Teachers in Residence (DTiR) Program is committed to Partnership Professional Development (former Assigned Time Grants: ATG). Partnership Professional Development begins as proposals developed cooperatively with School of Education Faculty and participating Consortium districts, which are submitted each year for consideration for Partnership Professional Development (former Assigned Time Grants).

For more information visit: Faculty, Grants and Funding: DTiR Partnership Professional Development (former Assigned Time Grants) 

Consortium Members:

  • Escondido Union High School District
  • Escondido Union School District
  • Oceanside Unified School District
  • Poway Unified School District
  • San Marcos Unified School District
  • Temecula Valley Unified School District

Committee Members

  • Xochitl Archey, Co-Chair, Professor of Multicultural and MultilingualEducation
  • Wynne Love, Co-Chair, Distinguished Teacher in Residence 2021-2023 (PUSD)
  • Anne Schwartz, Co-Chair, Distinguished Teacher in Residence 2022-2024(EUHSD)
  • Laurie Stowell, Director of School of Education, Professor of Literacy Education
  • Elsie Solis, Professor of Multicultural and Multilingual Education
  • John Heckman, Clinical Practice Placement Coordinator
  • David Mackintosh, Multiple Subject Clinical Practice Supervisor and former DTiR
  • Nina Ladbon-Khatibi, Academic Support, School of Education

DTiR Hall of Fame

Distinguished Teachers School District Years Served

Anne Schwartz

Escondido Union HSD


Wynne Love



Sean Nank

Oceanside 2019-22

Carol Battle

Poway 2018-20

Irene Diggs

Oceanside 2017-19
Jennifer Woods San Marcos 2016-18
Teresa Gerent Vista 2016-18
Nancy Moser-Hayashi San Marcos 2015-17
Christina Cambra-Adamson Poway 2015-17
Victor Vega Vista 2014-16
Regina Anderson Solana Beach 2013-15
Sandra Orozco San Marcos 2012-14
Phyllis Wilson Poway 2011-13
Corey Espeleta Carlsbad 2011-13
Sharon Scott-Gonzalez Vista 2010-12
Jannis (Brandenburg) Wilson Escondido 2010-12
Julie Reed Oceanside 2009-11
Maribel Cuevas Temecula Valley 2009-11
Mae Chaplin Escondido 2009-11
Kathleen Rocha San Marcos 2008-10
Dawniel Malandra  Solana Beach 2008-10
Shauna Friedemann  Del Mar 2008-09
Vanessa Wierenga Temecula 2007-09
Bonnie Ingalls Ramona 2007-09
Gisella Gigglberger San Diego 2007-09
Barbara Hall Cardiff 2006-08
Ana Hernandez Valley Center-Pauma 2006-08
Karin Alexander Encinitas 2006-08
Roslyn Woodard San Diego 2005-07
Jeffrey Heil SDCOE - JCCS 2005-07
Susan Ritchie Vista 2005-07
Jan Christinson Carlsbad 2004-06
William DeJean Poway 2004-06
Beth Mudd Solana Beach 2004-06
Pat Beal Murrieta 2003-05
Caroline Geldard San Marcos 2003-05
Melinda Martin Temecula Valley 2003-05
Distinguished Teachers School District Years Served
Erika (Seeman) Daniels Oceanside 2002-04
Jill (Halaska) Seidenverg San Dieguito 2002-04
Jamie Gurken Escondido 2002-04
Mary Lou Schultz Encinitas 2001-03
Dave Reynolds Ramona 2001-03
Pamela Barger Del Mar 2001-03
Dean Schulz** San Diego 2000-02
Nancy Dome SDCOE - JCCS 2000-02
Dennis Masur Poway 2000-02
Charlotte (Frambaugh) Krietzer Oceanside 1999-01
Carolyn Marcus Fallbrook UESD 1999-01
David Mackintosh Escondido 1998-00
Michelle Mullen San Dieguito 1998-00
Vikki (Weissman) Ensman  Fallbrook UHSD 1998-00
Klaaje 'Kate' Johnson Valley Center 1997-99
Mary Lee Huntington Carlsbad 1997-99
Sandy Jenkins Fallbrook UESD 1997-99
Maureen Reilly Lorimer Murrieta Valley 1996-98
Cathy Bullock Encinitas 1996-98
Deborah Costa-Hernandez Escondido 1996-98
Joyce O'jibway Jennings SDCOE - JCCS 1995-97
Julie Harris Poway 1995-97
Jamie Supinger Crowley Solana Beach 1994-96
Patricia Christopher Valley Center 1993-96
Antonette ‘Toni’ Hood Cardiff 1993-95
Karen Burke Vista 1993-95
Karen Higby Ramona 1991-93
Linda (Chick) Stone San Marcos 1991-93
** Deceased