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Future Educators Association

 All CSUSM students, Alumni and interested students are invited to join this organization.

As we grow, we will add information to this page about upcoming events, meetings, and opportunities, as well as newsletters.

Affiliated with Liberal Studies and the School of Education.


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About the Future Educators Association

The Future Educators Association was created when a group of transfer students in a Liberal Studies 300 class were seeking information regarding the credential programs offered at CSUSM and the overall process of becoming a Teacher. The idea of creating a club where future educators could meet up, ask questions, and connect with faculty and advisors, evolved out of several in class discussions and by the end of the semester the foundations of the club were set and spearheaded by Makenzie Dotinga and Marissa Lamonte. Since the club's humble beginnings in Fall 2018, the Future Educators Association has grown to over 200 members and has organized several events from fundraisers to discussion panels featuring guests from the School of Education as well as Credential Advisors.

FEA Leadership for Fall 2023-Spring 2024:

dinorah gonzalez

Dinorah Gonzalez is a Co-President for the FEA 2023-2024 school year. She is a senior at CSUSM, majoring in Liberal Studies ESM with an emphasis in Reading, Language, and Literature and a minor in Spanish. She loves working with kids and giving students a safe space to be themselves.  She currently works with EUSD at a local elementary school in Reading Intervention. She wants to be a teacher because remarkable teachers taught her the importance of helping people. She also wants kids to see someone that looks like them. Her focus as Co-President is to build a big community with fellow FEA members where they can all support each other. She hopes to share her love for education, and she is excited to collaborate with the other FEA leaders in planning future meetings, fundraisers, and events!  


Caylee McDonald is a Co-President for the FEA 2023-2024 school year. She is a third-year CSUSM student with a History Single Subject Major and a minor in Visual Arts. After college, she hopes to teach social sciences in high school. Her biggest influence in pursuing a teaching career is her mother who teaches fourth grade. She continues to be inspired by her mother's love for her students and her service to the community. Caylee hopes to build connections with students throughout her career and equip them with the skills to participate in democracy. Her vision for the FEA is to expand and engage with all future teachers on campus to better serve the communities they all come from.


Elsa Hernandez, our Communications Chair is a Senior at Cal State San Marcos, majoring in Liberal Studies and minoring in Spanish. She has a passion for education and working with underserved communities. A major drive for her is knowing she’ll be a part of the growing community of teachers who are working to show more representation and inclusivity amongst children. As an Oaxaqueña, she also aims to create spaces for indigenous communities and help children embrace their culture. Elsa is dedicated to giving further exposure to the FEA association and is excited to work with her peers to ensure the best future for incoming teachers.




Noah Dickens is the Communications Chair for FEA for the Spring 2024 semester. He is in his second year at CSUSM, majoring in Liberal Studies ESM, focusing on History/Social Sciences. After his credential, he hopes to teach elementary or middle school and obtain his master's degree. His influence to become an educator comes from his mother, who has been teaching for over twenty years. Noah wants to teach because he wants to help students grow, think critically, and make informed decisions in life. Noah became a part of the team because of the help and knowledge that the meetings gave. He is excited to help lead the club and make new connections with future educators.


Hannah Campagna is the Event Coordinator for FEA. She is a fourth-year Liberal Studies ESM major with an emphasis in Human Development and a minor in education. She is a swim teacher currently and has always known that she wanted to be a teacher. Having great teachers inspired her. As an educator, she is committed to inspiring students to become lifelong learners. She believes that every child has the potential to succeed, and she is passionate about helping them discover their unique talents and interests. She wants to strive to create a classroom environment that is engaging, supportive, and inclusive, where students feel safe to take risks and explore new ideas. She is excited to use her creativity skills to bring lessons to life and make learning fun and meaningful for her students. Her ultimate goal is to help her students develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to achieve their dreams and make a positive impact on the world. She is very passionate about becoming a teacher.


Spring 2024 Meetings & Events 

FEA meetings are held on Tuesdays during U-hour in University Hall 444. The event schedule for Spring 2024 is below. Use this Zoom Meeting Link to attend hybrid meetings virtually (hybrid meetings noted below).

Date Event Location
February 1st Student Organization Fair University Student Union 
February 6th Welcome Back Meeting University Hall 444 
February 8th Tote Bag Fundraiser 1 University Student Union 
February 13th Valentine's Party University Hall 444 
February 20th Resumé Workshop 1 Markstein 104 
February 22nd  Tote Bag Fundraiser 2 University Student Union 
February 27th Resumé Workshop 2 Markstein 104 
March 5th Credential Interview Questions University Hall 444 and online (hybrid) 
March 7th Tote Bag Fundraiser 3 TBD
April 2nd Tote Bag Fundraiser 4 University Student Union 
April 9th Subsitute Teacher Information University Hall 444 and online (hybrid)
April 19th Bonfire TBD
April 23rd Coming Attractions SOE University Hall 444 and online (hybrid) 
April 30th Grad Cap Decoration University Hall 444 
May 7th Last Lunch TBD