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Virginia Hansen

The annual SOE Virginia Hansen Speaker Series and the Hansen Curriculum Room located on the 5th floor of the Kellogg Library (KEL 5106), is made possible by Virginia Hansen who dedicated her life to being the best teacher possible for the children in her care. The Virginia Hansen Endowment fund was established in the School of Education through the generosity of Mr. Victor Hansen. It is intended to honor the work and memory of Mrs. Virginia Hansen.

Virginia Hansen Speaker Series 

We are proud to hold Virginia Hansen Speaker series during the academic year. We invite educators, innovators, and leaders to share their experiences and knowledge with our students, community partners, and the campus. Our speaker series include presentations and workshops that are relevant to K-16 teachers and leaders.

Our events are held on Saturdays between 10 am and 12pm PST via Zoom. 

2023/2024 Academic Year Speaker Line up:

Presenter Topic Date  Registration
Dr. John Spencer 

Introduction to Project-based Learning (PBL) 

This session focuses on why project-based learning is important and how teachers can implement it. John Spencer will share a framework for making PBL work with multiple grade levels and subject areas.

Feb. 3  Register Here
Alex Shevrin-Venet 

Trauma-Informed Education 

This session will broaden your understanding of trauma and explore how trauma shows up in our classrooms and institutions, and describe trauma-informed education as a proactive and responsive approach for all.

March 2  Register Here
Tina Medina 

Teaching from the Inside Out: Creating Spaces for Belonging 

The environments we create for learning are just as important as the content we teach, just like the health of the environments we work in help retain excellent educators. Join educator and speaker Tina Medina for an interactive experience focused on using restorative practices to create cultures of care and belonging for ourselves, our colleagues and our students
April 20  Register Here


Hansen Curriculum Room

Upon entering the Hansen Curriculum Room you will notice that the materials in that room are arranged differently than in the rest of the library. 

Curriculum can be referred to as “what” is taught, while instruction is “how” it is taught. Together they assist the process of learning and help to achieve the learning goals. Curriculum is the totality of teaching and learning resources and the organization/arrangement of resources and human capacities that shape students’ educational experience. Curriculum is not just a collection of materials or a course of study. Curriculum can include core principles, values, programs, events, clubs, technology infrastructure, and even how time and space are utilized. 

Search what is available in the Hansen Curriculum Room for: 

Hansen Curriculum Room (KEL 5104) Hours:
Please contact your SoE/SLP instructor to make arrangements to use the workroom. Only SoE/SLP faculty can checkout the key to use the room; students are not permitted to check out the workroom key.