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Single Subject Matter Preparation (SSMP) Program in Mathematics

Students interested in teaching mathematics at the secondary level may wish to complete the Single Subject Matter Preparation (SSMP) Program in Mathematics. The SSMP Program is not a major, it is a collection of mathematics courses that provides undergraduate students the academic background to help them become qualified for a Single Subject Credential in Mathematics. The Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics authorizes an individual to teach mathematics classes in departmentalized settings. The holders of this credential may teach at any K-12 grade level, but departmentalized teaching of mathematics usually occurs in grades seven through twelve. 

There are three things you need to do to obtain a Single Subject Credential in Mathematics:

  1. Obtain an undergraduate degree in any subject.
  2. Demonstrate subject competence in mathematics in one of two ways: Earn a passing score on a mathematics examination that has been adopted by the CTC. Alternatively, complete any SSMP Program that has been approved by the CTC. The SSMP Program in Mathematics at CSUSM was approved by the CTC in June, 2008.
  3. Complete a teaching credential program.

Please see the links on this website for further information.  If you still have questions after reading the information provided, then you should contact the SSMP Coordinator.

Many students ask: "What do I have to do to participate in the SSMP Program?" The answer is simple: Just complete the course requirements; upon completion, you should submit a form to the SSMP Coordinator to have your coursework verified and submit your portfolio to the SSMP Coordinator for review . You do not have to apply to the SSMP Program to participate in the SSMP Program. If you have not been admitted to CSUSM, then you can still take courses for the SSMP by enrolling through Open University. Students should also consult the CSUSM catalog and addendums.

Learn more about subject preparation programs by reading the report Mathematics Teacher Preparation in California: Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Subject Matter Programs, adopted and implemented by the CTC, 2005.