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Public Safety Building

This project provided a new 13,100 square foot administration building to house the Parking and Commuter Services department and University Police. The building is located at the corner of La Moree and Barham Drive on the northeast corner of the campus.
Sustainable design features include alternative transportation, reduced heat island effect, water reduction, natural day lighting and ventilation, energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems, and the use of recycled building materials.

The Public Safety Building is certified LEED Gold and received LEED credits in the following categories:

LEED Information by Category
LEED Quality Info
Sustainable Sites

Master planned density and community connectivity

Alternative transportation

  • Sprinter Light Rail
  • Bike lockers and changing rooms
  • Low emitting & fuel efficient parking spaces
  • Reduced parking
Water Efficiency

Water efficiency reduced by 50%

Xeriscape landscaping

Building water use reduction by 30%

Energy & Atmosphere

Optimize energy performance by 35%

On-site renewable energy - 7.5% - Photovoltaic

Enhance equipment commissioning

Enhanced refrigerant management

Materials and Resources

Construction waste diverted from landfill by 75%

Recycled content by 20%

Indoor Environmental Quality

Outdoor air delivery monitoring

Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan - Before and After Construction

Low-emitting materials

Indoor chemical and pollutant source control

Controllability of lighting systems

Thermal comfort design

Innovation & Design Process

Educational signage and information

Exemplary performance water use reduction

Building reuse

Exemplary performance collection of recyclables

Exemplary performance public transportation

LEED® accredited professional

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