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Process for Presidential Attendance at Events

Student Affairs will strive to identify upcoming events during the year where the President’s presence would demonstrate the institution’s commitment to a strategic priority, provide an opportunity for the President to interact with specific student populations, or have potential political significance.

Once the event has been identified, the event organizer will submit an event request through the appropriate area AVP.  The event approval process for the President’s consideration takes place annually during July.  The Senior Leadership Team will determine which events to move forward for consideration.   

The Vice President will discuss potential events with the President and provide context and purpose of the event, the expected audience, and any other relevant details when requesting Presidential attendance.

If the event is approved, The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) will work with the Office of the President to confirm availability, have the event place on the President’s calendar, and inform the event organizer and appropriate area AVP.

The event organizer is responsible for completing and submitting a completed event attendance checklist to the VPSA Office a minimum of 21 days before the event.  If talking points are required for the event, the event organizer is responsible for submitting these talking points to the VPSA Office and then routed to the Office of Communications a minimum of two weeks prior to the event to allow time for preparation of remarks.

Student Affairs will request every event organizer designate an individual coordinate the logistics of the President’s event attendance and participation with the President’s Office staff. At the event, this individual is also responsible for greeting the President upon her arrival, introducing her to any key attendees, and providing any relevant last minute details.

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