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Academic Excellence & Student Success Fee

The Academic Excellence and Student Success (AE&SS) fee was established by Executive Order (EO) 1086 on June 18, 2013. The fee is designed to support student learning and engagement; and to ensure that students graduate in a timely manner with the tools to be successful in their chosen careers. The fee has been used for additional course sections, undergraduate advising, career support, academic support, and student life and recreational opportunities. It has preserved our student-centered mission, vision and values, and provides students increased opportunities for success.

The University Budget Committee (UBC), in its advisory role to the President, provides recommendations for funding priorities that are aligned to the campus's strategic plan. The AE&SS fee funds priorities that are linked to student success through providing course sections, supporting student academic and career support services, and increasing library resources.

An important finding from the alternative consultation process was that students wanted to remain informed about how the fee was put to use each year. As a result, and in the interest of transparency regarding AE&SS fee allocations, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, together with the Budget Office and Student Fee Advisory Committee provides a report on the previous academic year's allocations.

2018/2019 AE&SS Fee Report

University Allocation Chart
FY 2018/19 Academic Excellence and Student Success Fees Total
University Allocation $7,378,028
Academic Affairs $6,646,648
Student Affairs $577,970
University Campus-Wide Activities (1) $153,410

(1) Prior-year funding adjustment



Academic Affairs Chart
FY 2018/19 Academic Excellence and Student Success Fees   Total
Academic Affairs   $6,646,648
College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences CHABSS $2,044,250
College of Business Administration CoBA $499,147
College of Education, Health & Human Services CEHHS $847,914
College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics CSTEM $1,817,208
Library Library $458,052
Instructional & Information Technology Services IITS $102,788
Graduate Studies and Research GSR $114,548
Undergraduate Programs UGPGM $762,741


Student Affairs
FY 2018/19 Academic Excellence and Student Success Fees   Total
Student Affairs   $577,970
Enrollment Management ENRMGT $67,282
Student Academic Support Services SASS $364,547
Student Development Services STDEV $146,141



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