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Division of Student Affairs

CSUSM StudentsThe Division of Student Affairs at CSUSM encompasses various departments strategically organized into six functional units by mission and service type; Enrollment Management Services, Student Academic Support Services, Athletics, Student Life, Student Development Services, and the Office of the Vice President. Also included within the Student Affairs umbrella are three University functions; Title IX, DHR, and ADA compliance. Through a variety of innovative programs and services, the division provides resources that support students’ personal and academic success from before they enroll in their first class to after they walk across the Commencement stage diploma in hand. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of our diverse student body by removing barriers in their paths and helping them to overcome obstacles. Our Student Affairs professionals are educators who provide intentional learning and developmental opportunities that stimulate self-discovery and personal growth through co-curricular offerings in the areas of Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility, Leadership & Interpersonal Development, Career & Professional Development, Critical Thinking & Ethical Reasoning, and Holistic Wellness. 

As a learning organization, Student Affairs engages in data-informed decision-making supported by a robust and intentional strategic planning and assessment structure focused on continuous program improvement. Our co-curricular learning opportunities are guided by a philosophy that every staff person in the division is first and foremost an educator. To support staff and managers’ ongoing professional development the division has established an Investing in You program as a key divisional priority.

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