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The Social Justice Symposium (SJS) is an intensive two-day conference for CSUSM undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and the community. Participants will host/attend breakout sessions that explores the intersectionality of identities 

Participants will explore and challenge personal perceptions and social norms through experiential activities, individual reflections, and group dialogues.

Through the experience and learning of SJS, students will:

  • Develop a working knowledge of different social justice frameworks 
  • Draw upon personal experiences and class learning for opportunities for self-reflection.  
  • Identify, describe, and analyze social justice issues from multiple cultural perspectives.  
  • Develop skills to become socially conscious leaders and community members. 
  • Engage with social justice research. 

Mission: The CSUSM Social Justice Symposium provides an opportunity for students to increase their social consciousness levels as well as skills by offering critical dialogues focusing on cultural, economic, and political national climate issues. We aim to educate and empower participants to engage in action orientated work that leads to a more just society.