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Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal - Graduate Degree Students

Conditionally Classified or Classified graduate students must be continuously enrolled unless an authorized Request for Graduate Student Leave of Absence has been filed with your Academic Advisor in Extended Learning so that that they may submit the request to Enrollment Services Information Center.

Master's students must complete their degree within five years.

Graduate degree students may take an authorized leave of absence for up to two (2) semesters.  Leaves of absence can be authorized for conditionally classified or classified graduate students providing the student is: (1) in good academic standing (as defined by the program's requirements), (2) has completed at least six credit hours of CSUSM coursework toward the graduate degree in the program, and (3) has filed a completed Request for Graduate Student Leave of Absence form.

The completed form, including signatures of the student's faculty advisor (where applicable) and the graduate program coordinator, must be submitted to Extended Learning so that your Academic Advisor may submit the form to the Office of Registration and Records before the end of the add/drop period of the term for which the leave has been requested. A leave of absence will not be authorized if the student has completed all requirements except the culminating experience. Unauthorized leaves and failures to return from an authorized leave of absence will result in the student being dropped from the graduate program. In such cases, the student must reapply to the university and the graduate program to be considered for reinstatement.

Graduate Leave of Absence Request