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Residential Master's Program Overview

The Residential MS in Speech-Language Pathology program will prepare students for practice in the field of speech-language pathology. The Residential program is offered as a Full-Time fully in person option and a Part-Time hybrid option. 

Program Goals:

  1. Train students in prevention, assessment and intervention practices
  2. Prepare ethically responsible clinicians to make EBP clinical decisions
  3. Promote wellness in culturally and linguistically diverse populations within our community.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, the Graduate students will be able to:

  • Describe the nature of typical and disordered communication and swallowing across the lifespan.
  • Integrate theory, research, and evidence-based principles into prevention, assessment, and intervention practices.
  • Interact and communicate in ways that promote wellness and reflect respect for diversity, collaboration, and ethics.
  • Demonstrate summative knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level practice within the field of speech-language pathology through defense of a culminating experience.

Program At A Glance

  • Cohort based program with a new cohort beginning each Fall
  • 76-unit program (View course descriptions 
    • Residential full-time option designed to be completed in 5 consecutive semesters (including summer term). View the current Residential full-time program course sequence.
    • Residential full-time students can be expected to be in classes and clinic Monday - Friday during typical working hours. Some exclusions may apply to evenings and weekends on rare occasions.
    • Hybrid part-time option designed to be completed in 8 consecutive semesters (including summer terms). View the current Hybrid part-time program course sequence.
    • Hybrid part-time students will attend evening classes twice a week at the CSUSM campus and live clinics in the local service region. Course work will otherwise be in an asychronous online format. 
  • Program prepares students in prevention, assessment, and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders across the lifespan for career readiness across multiple settings
  • Program offers specialty clinics to maximize student exposure to speech-language pathology
  • Includes 400 supervised hours in speech-language pathology in community based practice to prepare participants for their career
  • After successfully completing the program, the candidate will have met the academic requirements to be eligible for a temporary California state SLP license and a preliminary CTC SLP Services credential. Candidates will also have met the academic requirements towards ASHA membership and certification.
  • View our Program Achievement Data