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Teaching, Advising, Leadership, and Counseling (TALC)

The Teaching, Advising, Leadership, and Counseling (TALC) program is designed to provide CSUSM undergraduate (B.S.) and post-baccalaureate (post-bac) students with specific and customized guidance from current graduate (M.S.) students on important topics related to graduate school. In the TALC program, the B.S. and post-bac students function as mentees and are matched with a graduate student mentor. Mentors and mentees will meet once a month to discuss important themes related to graduate school (e.g. obtaining letters of recommendation, how to prepare for interviews, etc.).

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Mentor Guidance

During the course of the program, mentors will provide mentees with guidance on a range of specialized areas, including:

  • Course curriculum and strategies to retain important information that is necessary for graduate school (Teaching).
  • How to successfully and efficiently approach the application and school selection process (e.g., gre vs no gre, online vs in-person, etc.) (Advising).
  • Types of leadership opportunities that can help students bolster the competitiveness of their school applications (Leadership).
  • Steps to help students prepare mentally, emotionally, environmentally, etc. for graduate school (e.g., financing education, working vs not working while in school, etc.) (Counseling)

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