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Lactation Spaces

Going to school as a new parent takes careful planning, especially for parents who are breastfeeding. Please refer to CSUSM's Student Lactation Policy to understand your rights. The policy is designed to support lactating students by providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment. It details the provisions for lactation rooms and milk expression breaks during class hours, aiming to help lactating students manage their academic commitments effectively. 

The following lactation rooms and pods are available at CSU San Marcos for student, staff, and faculty use. 

University Student Union (USU)

Mamava Lactation Pod (3rd Floor - Outside the WGEC)


The University Student Union features a Mamava Lactation Pod on the 3rd Floor East Pavilion (in front of the Women & Gender Equity Center). The lactation pod provides a private, clean, and comfortable space to pump or nurse babies.

The Mamava Lactation Pod is powered by a smart technology system that enables easy location sharing, autonomous access (during USU operation hours), and remote monitoring through the free Mamava app available for iOS and Android devices. Designed specifically for pumping and breastfeeding, this pod feature easy-to-clean surfaces, comfortable benches, and a locking door.

To access the space, download the Mamava App (available on Google Play or App Store) or ask the USU Information Desk (4th Floor East Pavilion) for access. 

For concerns or trouble accessing the Mamava Lactation Pod, please visit the Information Desk (4th Floor East Pavilion) or call 760-750-7450.

Administrative Building 

Administrative 6312

A private Nursing Mother’s Room is available in Administrative 6312, on a first-come-first serve basis. The Administrative Building lactation room has a hospital grade lactation pump for parents who want to leave their pump at home.  The pump requires a Medela Lactina Double Pumping System. Please contact HREOx4418 to obtain the locker combination to access the pump.

Kellogg Library

Kellogg 3017

KEL 3017 is available for use during all Library operating hours (see Library Hours).

Check out a key at the 3rd floor Circulation Desk any time the Library is open. Lactation Room users can also use a dedicated mini-fridge across the hall in KEL 3011.

Extended Learning Building (ELB) 

Extended Learning Building 544

 A lactation room will be located on level five and will be accessible to staff, faculty and students during normal business hours. 

Refrigerator available to safely store breastmilk in addition to a sink and changing table.