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Campus Name Policy

Preferred Name Policy

Transgender or non-binary students may have their first name changed to their preferred name in the University's student records system. Students who have enrolled at CSUSM under their legal name may change their first name to a preferred first name that better reflects the identity of the student (CSUSM does not allow the use of "nicknames" on student records).

To register a preferred name at the University, students should complete a request online by logging on to MyCSUSM and accessing their Student Center. To register your preferred name, submit a request on MyCSUSM in your Student Center, in the “Personal Information” section, by clicking on the “Names” link. It can take up to 3 business days for the request to be reviewed and approved, and 5 business days after approval for the preferred name to be reflected in the various third party platforms utilized by the campus community. Once the preferred name has been registered, a new CSUSM ID card can be issued. 

Offices are only able to look up student records by student ID or legal name. It is recommended you bring your student ID card with you when requesting assistance from any department on campus. Staff members are able to search for your record via student ID #. Your preferred name will be displayed.

More information can be found on the University Registrar’s website.