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Family Caregiving Matters


Episode 1: What it Means to be a Family Caregiver

Dr. Sharon Hamill and Dr. Judi Phillips introduce this podcast on family caregiving by discussing what it means to be a family caregiver.

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Episode 2: College Age Caregivers

Dr. Sharon Hamill and Dr. Judi Phillips focus their discussion on college student caregivers.  It is estimated that there are 5 million college students across the US who are providing help to loved ones. Listen to learn more about what we know about this very important group of family caregivers.  

Episode Transcript (.docx)


Episode 3: Let’s Talk Dementia

Dr. Judi Phillips and Dr. Sharon Hamill discuss dementia with guest, Sean Griser, graduate student in the Psychological Sciences program at CSUSM. Sean's research focuses on support for family caregivers of dementia patients, and the kinds of interventions that work.

Episode Transcript (.docx)