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Youth Caregiver Retreat

Taking care of physically or mentally ill family members is critically important but also exhausting work. Although the caregiver role is challenging for adults, we know that there are many young people aged 11 to 17 who are caring for family members, as well.   To better support you, the youth, Psychology Faculty at CSUSM, in collaboration with the CSU Institute for Palliative care, are offering a free, one-day, retreat experience for youth caregivers on the CSUSM campus.   
At this one-day retreat, CSUSM faculty and advanced students will guide you in the development of resiliency skills and self-care practices. We will also connect you with resources available in your community.  An important outcome of the event will be to create a network of youth caregivers who can provide support for one another and whom know where they can go for support.

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Youth Resiliency Project, CSUSM

Faculty from the Child and Adolescent Development/Psychological Sciences Programs at California State University, San Marcos have been working with local schools to provide resiliency skills training to youth caregivers and bereaved youth.  The Youth Resiliency Project has two components: (1) resiliency skills training for peer counselors and teachers/counselors, and (2) a Youth Caregiver Retreat (will be piloted for youth caregivers in San Diego county in October, 2019).  If you are interested in finding out more about this project and how to participate, please contact Dr. Sharon Hamill (

Other Programs

There are other community programs available for children and adolescents who are dealing with family illness or death.  Contact these organizations for more information:


Check out this Mindfulness Presentation that will teach you what mindfulness is and how you can get started!



There is a small but growing group of researchers who are conducting studies on youth caregivers in the US and Canada.  To find out more about these individuals and their programs of research, contact the members of the Research Collaborative on Caregiving Youth at the Caregiving Youth Institute: