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Problems with Alcohol and Drugs

Millions of people in the United States have problems with alcohol and/or drugs. It can be incredibly difficult to deal with a loved one who is drunk or high. Often, young people keep these problems to themselves, because they are ashamed. These two videos explore how loved ones are impacted by alcohol and addicitions.

Is Your Parent an Alcoholic?

Do you worry that your parent or guardian is an alcoholic?  Are you suffering in silence, scared to let anyone know?  Watch this video and learn about the millions of young people who are dealing with this issue... and how you can cope with it.

The Effects of Addiction on the Family

It is tough to watch a loved one who is consumed by addiction.  This Tedx talk shows how addiction impacts siblings...and the rest of the family.

You aren't alone in your suffering, and there is help available.  We have provided links to some organizations that can help you to understand substance abuse in the resources section below.  But there are likely adults in your own life right now who have some understanding of the impacts of alcohol and drugs. Reach out to them.